Pink Fruit

influences on the new kiran leonard single “PINK FRUIT I”:

deerhoof; shellac; dirty projectors’ “the getty address”; vasco da gama (RIP); enablers; death sentence: panda!; the end of “eraserhead” where [spoiler] the baby dies and the whole of henry’s apartment fills with mashed potato; set design and costumes in alan bennett’s “the madness of king george iii”; a lack of professional percussion equipment (seriously, anybody who’s ever bought a cabasa is a fool of a took: just wrap a piece of sandpaper round a block of wood and scratch the surface with a washing-up brush. it’s exactly the same noise); warren ellis’ 4-string guitar playing on grinderman’s disgustingly underrated second album “grinderman 2” (which for my money is the best album nick cave’s ever been a part of); old friends & new; contrasts & the past & the future;

One-sided etched limited edition 12" vinyl

Pink Fruit (12“ Vinyl 33rpm)
£ 6.99
Pink Fruit
Pink Fruit (Single Download)
£ 0.79
Pink Fruit
£ 0.79

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